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About IAK

International Aid Korea ("IAK") is a non-profit Christian organization, founded in 2001 in the heart of the brestling South Korean peninsula. IAK works in close association with NGOs and medicine suppliers to facilitate the supply of medicines and medical equipments to the needy countries where poverty and suffering are still rampant.

International Medical Assistance!

IAK reaches beyond the borders of Korean peninsula! We reach out our hand of help to 23 different Asian/African countries so far. Our headquarters, situated in the center of the Seoul Metropolitan City, serves as the base of operations for our growing charity. Our location in South Korea is very stretegic in order to meet the needs of the neighbouring South Asian countries. Through this ministry of compassion, we humbly strive hard to show the love of Christ in action.

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Mission and Belief


Driven by our comitment to the comission of our Lord Jesus Christ: "Love your neighbours as yourself" (Matthew 22:39), IAK reaches out to help the sick and suffering people, malnourished children, handicaped people, North Korean defectors, foreign workers who need medical care, people in disaster-strucken regions, that they may know the love of Christ and receive His gift of eternal life.


Sustainable as well as quality health care for the suffering and Sick people in the Domestic, North Korea and Asia.

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IAK - Love Foot Print

We, at IAK, call our brief history of helping the needy as "Love Foot Print." It is simply the facts and statistics of our past contributions which were aimed at alliviating the pain of the suffering world. It is only through the generous support of individuals, churches, businesses and foundations that IAK is able to improve the health and welfare of people in need around the world.

We are happy to share what we do, how we do it and were in the world we're making a small difference. Here's a glimpse of our "Love Foot Print:"

1) In 2003, IAK helped the victims of the train accident in North Korea with a financial support of $10,000 (100,000,000 KRW).

2) During the Tsunami disaster in March 2005, IAK helped to build and set up IAK village, a temporary housing facility in Sri Lanka

3) IAK helped the earthquake victims and their families in Indonesia in June 2006.

4) In 2007, IAK helped Ulleung Island in South Korea by sending medical aids and toys for the children

5) In 2008, IAK send a medical team to assist the earthquake victims in Sichuan in China.

Starting 2001, we have donated medicine and extended other services over 157 times!

The accumulated donation amount is about 38 Billion KRW (Aug. 08)  

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Our Leadership




  "IAK is an organization that helps needy people in Korea, North Korea and other parts of Asia with the love of Christ."
  • Prof. Chi Woon Kim, President of IAK
  • Professor at Kei Myung University, South Korea

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Our Partners

IAK partners with National and International organizations that share in the mission of improving the health and quality of life in the developing world. 

Here are some of our Partners:

  • Kingsway Charities 
  • International Aid
  • Global Med Partners
  • Domestic Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Domestic Supporting Companies
  • Supporting Churches

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Our Values

We are a Christian NGO

Our Foundation is laid upon the Holy Scripture. We follow the example of our Great Master to serve the needy. Jesus Christ is our model in our missions. Just as Jesus served the destitude, the needy, the sick,the out casts, empowered the weak,strived for socio-spiritual upliftment and ultimately laid down His precious life, so that people might get the abundant life in Him,  we seek to emulate such Christ-like model in our mission.

We Strive for Excellence

We strive to excede expectations and reach for excellence in the field of health care and development. We encourage creativity and employ state-of-the art soloutions to improve health and improve the lives of poor and helpless. We update our practices regularly to deliver effective services to the people. We aspire to be leaders in Korea in supplying medical assistance to our neighbours 

We Maintain Transparency

We esteem honesty as the supreme virtue in our dealings, trustworthiness in our commitments and truthfulness in keeping up with our promises. We honor the compassion of our donors and strive to make sure their sacrifice reached the desired destination. We regularly evaluate our work and accept feedbacks and seek to improve our efficiency continually.

We Emphasis Stewardship

We emphasis on accountability towards the resources that are given in our care. We study and evaluate the given data before intervention, so that the effectiveness of our our contribution will be maximized. We not only deliver the help accross the countries, but also moniter the process of distribution to ensure it reaches those who are in most need.

We Value Partnership

We respect our donors, partners, beneficiaries and colleagues as companions in this exciting journey of helping lives. We seek to build bridges of partnership with local churches, people, organizations, institutions and governments who share the same vision with us. We also share our knowledge, skills and vision with them to expand our common platform for compassion.

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