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Get Involved with IAK

 Thank you for your interest in getting involved with us! We invite you to explore ways to use God-given talents to help the people in need. We look forward to working with you soon. Together we can impact the greatest number of people in the needy part of the world. There are many ways and various levels that you can be involved with IAK.

You Can ...

PRAY. All the current involvements of IAK and our partners need much prayer. We believe that prayers of God's people are of great value and the strength for our ministries. Please Pray for the Following needs.

RECEIVE. Keep yourself updated with IAK ministries. You may sign up for our periodical newsletter that will be delivered to your email address. Sign up here!

TELL OTHERS. You may introduce your friends and others who have heart for reaching out to the people in need. Send them a mail with instructions on how to get to the IAK Homepage. [Check this letter]. You may start telling others right away... Here are some ideas!

DONATE.  There are many ways you can donate to IAK. We see ourselves as stewards who distribute what is entrusted to us. You may donate.... click here

VOLUNTEER.  In order to keep up with the growing opportunities to serve, we need volunteers who can help us with various skills. You may volunteer... click here!


You may pray for the following points:

1) IAK Leadership

2) IAK Current Projects

3) IAK Partners

4) IAK Volunteer Team

5) IAK Sponsors

6) IAK Cooperation Missionaries

7) IAK Future Plans


If you are interested to receive IAK Newsletter, you may send in your details to We will periodically update you of the latest updates from IAK.