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IAK Projects - An Overview

Current Projects of IAK

We are comitted to helping those in critial medical and health care needs through the efficient recovery and redistribution of medical supplies and equipments. We want to bring transformation to the lives of millions through our projects. We are challenged by the need and driven by love and compassion. Our projects are initiated with the Command of our Lord to "Love our neigbours as yourself."  Following are our services:

  1. Free Medical Check up for North Korean Woman
  2. Medicines and Medical Equipments Distribution
  3. Disaster Relief Assistance
  4. Co-operation With Foreign Missionaries
  5. IAK Global Medical Services


Statistics shows that approximately 200 million children of the world are starving and subjected to mal-nourishment. And shockingly, a child dies every five minutes due to starvation and malnutrition. Through "VITA-HELP Project," IAK is seeking to help the child nutrition deficiency in the countries where poverty is very rampant.

IAK initiates fun raising campaigns in the nursery schools, kindergardens through the "cute" collecting boxes. And through the fun-raising campaingns among the children, we help them to see the world in need as they grow up and sow the noble seeds of reaching out beyond ourselves. To contribute for this cause, Click here.

For More Information on VITA-HELP, Contact us.

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2. Free Medical Check up for Women Who Defected from North Korea

In South Korea, the number of North Korean refugees is steadily rising. At present, there are 24,000 refugees from North Korea are living in  South Korea. Among this, 7000 are women. All these refugees have fled from North Korea and arrived in South Korea through Mongolia, China, and other Asian countries. Due to vulnerable financial conditions, most women were forced into multiple sexual behaviror and victims of human trafficking. They live with the risk of STD. IAK strives to help them get medical treatment for free.

Last year, we conducted camps in 7 various locations, each time catering to 30 women mainly from North Korea. We provide comprehensive medical tests during the camp:

  • Gynacological check up
  • Bone density test
  • Ultra Sonogram for pelvic organs, breasts and thiroid glands
  • Pap. Smear to detect cancer
  • STD 4 Types PCR
  • Blood Test for RPR, Hepatitis B, AIDS and CBC
  • Urin Analysis

Due to the need, this project is now being extended to the multi-cultural women who are living in South Korea. This initiative of IAK garners favorable responses from the beneficieries and the media. A News report can be found in Christian Television System (CTS): Click Here for the Report.

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3. Medicines and Medical Equipments Distribution

At present, IAK supports 23 countries in Asia and (one) Africa. We facillitate the distribution of medicines and medical equipments to help those in need of critical healthcare. In this, North Korea captures very special attention from IAK, not only because of the mutual filial ties, but due to the enormity of the needs. Some of the aids we sent includes medicines (Hospital assorted supplies), medical equipments (Hospital required instruments), wheelchair, shoes, brushes, paste, etc.  

Sustainable health care is a worthy dream to work for and it is quite a long process too. We are contributing to this noble cause in a small but significant measure.  These are the countries, we have helped so far: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Romania, Mongolia, Myanmar, Inida, Iraq, Indonesia, Iran, Thailand, Nepal, Philiphines, Sri Lanka, South Korea, North Korea, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Guinea. We thank God for enabling us to be an instrumental in blessing the lives of needy in these countries.

Currently, we are aiding Delfin Village in Philiphines. This village is usually flooded during the rainy seasons and the people are really in need of health care. IAK works together with Valenzuela city government to provide sustainable health care to the residents of Delfin village. We provide medicines and medical equipments three times in a year to the Valensuela city government Hospital. For More Information, Contact us!

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4. Disaster Relief Assistance

Apart from our regular health care services, IAK reaches out to meet the emergency needs of the Disaster Victims in various parts of Asia.

Here are the few Disaster Relief involvements of IAK:

  • One of the very tragic train accidents in North Korea in 2003. IAK helped the victims with the financial support of $100,000 along with medical supplies.
  • During the Tsunami Disaster in 2005, IAK helped to set up temporary housing facility (titled as "IAK village"). We also supplied medicines, food, clothing, etc to the victims in Sri Lanka.
  • Relief Efforts to Earthquake Hit areas of Yogjakarta, Indonesia in 2006.
  • Sichuan Earthquake in 2008, One of the worst earthquakes in the recent times in China killed thousands and left many more as homeless and helpless. IAK sent a medical team to assist the victims there.


Are you interested to get More Information, Contact us.

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5. Co-operation With Foreign Missionaries

IAK values local partnership in social contribution and effective redistribution of resources. This co-operation with missionaries will be instrumental and crucial while co-ordinating relief activities in the missionary-working countries. Medicines and relief goods will be distributed through the missionaries to boost the local missions and to improve the field efficiency and management.

Apart from the disaster relief co-ordinations, our projects such as Vita-Help, regular medical assistance are also carried out in various countries with the ongoing assistance of co-operation missionaries. We hope to build up our international network strongly in order to help many people who are in need effectively.

IAK envisions to have 50 Co-operation Missionaries in 25 Asian countries  (each countries to have 2 members). At present, we have 15 Missionaries serving in 13 countries.

For More Information on Co-operation with Missionaries, Contact us.

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6. IAK Global Medical Service

IAK Global Medical Service was started in 2004. This team visits the areas that need immediate medical care, including Disaster Stricken Zones (DSZ). It also visits various countries based on need or the request we receive for healthcare and medical assistance.

Our Global Medical Team is led by Dr. Lee Junhwan. And it is consisted of service volunteers, doctor, nurces, pharmacists and administration agents. We also enlist the help of locals when we visit another country to help us in translation and other services.

Members of IAK Global Medical Services:

  • Doctors  - 12
  • Nurses  - 2
  • Pharmacists - 2
  • Administration Agent - 1

To Request More Information on IAK Global Medical Services, Contact Us.

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Future Project of IAK

Constructing a Medical Clinic in North Korea

There is a huge need for health care in the poverty-stricken North Korea. Upon receiving a request from a North Korean NGO for the establishment of a Multi-Facility medical clinic, IAK's Board signeled to support the project. IAK's President Prof. Kim visited North Korea with IAK's Chief Physician Dr. Lee in September to survey the location and assess the situation. Currently, this project is in its early stages.

Project proposal is being submitted to various organizations to partner in the construction of the medical clinic in the Hindol Village of North Korea. It will serve  apporximately 6,000-10,000 local people who live in the surrounding areas.

The estimated cost is $135,742. If you require further information on this project or would like to contribute towards this project, you may contact us.

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